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EKR Therapeutics Inc. is a leading specialty pharmaceutical company in US focused on identifying, fostering and targeting the growth of products to serve the needs of the acute-care hospital setting. Its lead products include Cardene IV, Cardene RTU bag, Retavase, Gelclair, Depodur, etc. The company was acquired by Cornerstone Therapeutics(Nasdaq:TRCX) for $150 million dollars.

ESP Chinapharma is a specialty pharma company focusing on sales, marketing and registration of pharmaceutical products in China market. It currently markets three products in China and has several pipeline products in registration. Its partners include Pharmascience, Medac, Pharmalink, Besins and other leading western pharmaceutical companies. 

Indochina Healthcare Limited (IHL) is a leading oncology company in Thailand. It has been in operation since 1994. The objective of IHL was to provide high quality and good value medical products to patients in South East Asia (Indochina) with a particular focus on providing medicines to Thai patients. Currently IHL’s main business is the registration, distribution and marketing of prescription medicines to Thai hospitals (both public and private). It is a joint venture with Hospira.

ESP Pharma. A specialty pharmaceutical company founded in 2002, voted Top 100 company by Venture Reporter, reached $ 90MM revenue in 2004, and sold to Protein Design Labs (NASDAQ: PDLI) for more than $ 500 million dollars in January 2005. Protein Design Labs, Inc. (PDL) , a leading developer of humanized monoclonal antibodies.
HT Pharma is a life science research reagent and equipment distributor based in Beijing. It has a national distribution network with highly trained sales force covering China with strong custom service. The brands currently selling include: Abcam, Alpha Diagnostic, AmeriBiopharma, Anaspac, Alpco¡¢Assay Designs£¨Stressgen£©, Boston Biochem, Covance, Crystal Chem, CST, DSHB, DRG, Fitzgerald, Genway, IBL-America, Immundiagnostik, Immuntopics, Labor Diagnostika Nord, Lifespan, Mediagnost, Millipore, Peprotech, Proliant, ProteoChem, Research Diets, R&D, Santa Cruz, SBA, Sigma, Zymo Research, etc.
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